When is the next solar eclipse?

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On November 12th, we have a Full Moon in Taurus. I know I have an astro bias, but I absolutely love my Moon in Taurus. Welcome November and welcome sagittarius season!

Sagittarius is the last Fire sign of the zodiac. If Aries is the sparkle or life, Leo the steady fire of creation, Sagittarius is a wildfire - the eternal flame of knowledge and wisdom.

January 12222 Astrology: Break Free, Move Forward!

In its quest to find the eternal truth, Sagittarius goes above and beyond. Welcome to the Halloween New Moon!

Every astrological season we have the chance to play out the archetype of the sign we celebrate. Because now we are in the Scorpio season, we learn about Scorpio.

Halloween is as Scorpio as you can get. On October 13th, we have a Full Moon in Aries. While everyone is impacted by this energy, Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra will feel it a little more , with Capricorn and Aries feeling it especially strongly. Obviously, these astrological events might set off a chain reaction that will impact your actions for the rest of the month, and maybe the rest of Still, none of this is necessarily a bad thing.

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Sounds like the New Year is going to get off to an awesome start. There are a grand total of six eclipses—both lunar and solar—happening in , so it's going to be a big year. Most notably, a total solar eclipse will occur on July 2, , over the South Pacific, Chile, and Argentina, Forbes reports. The final solar eclipse of the year will happen on December 26, , when a solar eclipse known as the "Ring of Fire" will be visible over parts of the Middle East, Indonesia, and Singapore.

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So yep, it's going to be a big year for eclipse watchers—TBD on how that will affect your horoscope, too. Type keyword s to search.

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