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For some time the puny little Moon would have the capability to block out the Sun and turning off the lights on the earth. This might take away our perspectives in life. Solar eclipses are said to take away fixed patterns and push us into unknown realms. Though this might cause upheavals in our life, they are excellent growth promoters.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

During a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth is exactly between the Sun and the Moon where the luminaries Sun and Moon are said to be in opposition. Lunar eclipses help us to know about our true self and not how we project ourselves to the outside world. At the instant of greatest eclipse [2] UT1 , the Moon lies at the zenith for a point in northwest India near Ahmedabad.

The penumbral eclipse magnitude [3] is quite deep and peaks at 0. This is close to being a total penumbral eclipse - the northern edge of the lunar limb lies just 3. Note that the beginning and end of a penumbral eclipse are not visible to the eye.

Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon: 2020 January 10

Keep in mind that this is only an estimate. Atmospheric conditions and the observer's visual acuity are important factors to consider. An interesting exercise is to note when penumbral shading is first and last detected with the naked eye or binoculars.

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The eclipse belongs to Saros [4] and is number 16 of 71 eclipses in the series. All eclipses in this series occur at the Moon's ascending node. The Moon moves southward with respect to the node with each succeeding eclipse in the series and gamma [8] decreases. Complete details can be found at Saros Click for larger more detailed figure Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of June The second eclipse of is another penumbral lunar eclipse occurring at the lunar orbit's descending node in Ophiuchus 2.

Once again the Moon passes through the northern part of Earth's penumbral shadow. The Moon's path through Earth's shadow and a map illustrating worldwide visibility of the event are shown in Figure 2. At the instant of greatest eclipse UT1 , the Moon lies near the zenith from a location in the Indian Ocean about kilometers east of Mauritius.

The entire event is visible from most of Africa, the Middle East, central Asia, and most of Australia. None of the eclipse will be visible from North America and most of South America. The eclipse belongs to Saros and is number 67 of 71 eclipses in the series. All eclipses in this series occur at the Moon's descending node. The Moon moves northward with respect to the node with each succeeding eclipse in the series and gamma increases.

Click for larger more detailed figure Annular Solar Eclipse of June The first solar eclipse of is annular and occurs on the June solstice. The Moon is at its ascending node in Taurus and 6.

Eclipses During 12222

The narrow path of the annular eclipse crosses central Africa and southern Asia. The partial phases are visible from Africa, eastern Europe, and much of Asia Figure 3. The central line duration of annularity here is 1 minute 22 seconds. Racing across the African continent, the antumbra crosses South Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea before traversing the southern end of the Red Sea.

Furthermore, the path width drops from 85 kilometers at its start, to 29 kilometers. These decreases in the duration and path width occur because the curvature of Earth is bringing the path closer to the vertex of the antumbral shadow. The duration and path width continue to decrease as the antumbra sweeps across Pakistan and northern India where greatest eclipse [5] occurs at UT1.

12 Tips For The Capricorn Lunar Eclipse - Sally Kirkman Astrologer

The annular ring is quite thin because the eclipse magnitude [6] is 0. Leaving India, the shadow's trajectory takes it over a kilometer long track across southern China. As the antumbra reaches the coast, the city of Xiamen experiences a second annular phase. Heading southeast, the shadow crosses Taiwan and out across the Philippine Sea and Pacific Ocean with no other landfall.

The island of Guam lies just outside the northern edge of the path. Residents there will see a partial eclipse of magnitude 0. At UT1, the antumbra reaches Earth's terminator and returns to space. Over the course of 3 hours and 43 minutes, the Moon's antumbra travels along a 14,kilometer long path covering 0. Central line coordinates and circumstances are presented in Table 1. Click anywhere on the map to calculate the eclipse times for that location. The default time zone is UT1, but this can be changed to any other time zone using the drop-down menu below the map.

All times are given in Local Time. The Sun's altitude and azimuth, eclipse magnitude and eclipse obscuration are all given at the instant of maximum eclipse. The Solar Eclipse Circumstances Calculator: Annular Solar Eclipse of June 21 is an interactive web page that can quickly calculate the local circumstances for the eclipse from any geographic location not included in Table 2a , Table 2b , and Table 2c.

This event is the 36th eclipse of Saros Espenak and Meeus, The entire series of 70 eclipses spans the years through Only 10 members of this series were total in the years through Saros also has 10 hybrid, 36 annular, and 15 partial eclipses. A partial lunar eclipse takes place when part of moon enters the earth's shadow , as per NASA. Full moon lunar eclipses are different from new moon solar eclipses because it's a time of letting go as opposed to starting new. Full moons are a time for endings and completion, but with Saturn retrograde, Pluto retrograde, and the South Node in the mix, this is also the ending of a very important cycle — one none of us will ever see again.

This eclipse season is simply part of the story, and the grand finale of the Cancer-Capricorn eclipse series will take place in January In the meantime, think back to July and January , because similar themes may be resurfacing during this time. While you're at it, look at where Cancer-Capricorn are location via your birth chart.


Table of Eclipse Dates from 1994 to 2030

This is where you'll experience a powerful breakthrough. What are you willing to let go of, Aries? Your soul mission is calling. Repressed fears are no longer an option. So go do what you were born to do. The world needs you. Embrace the infinite possibilities headed your way, but make sure you let go of the negative beliefs you've acquired throughout your lifetime in the process. Embrace the new you, Taurus.

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You're becoming a beautiful butterfly, Gemini. But in the midst of your evolution process, there are a few things you need to let go of. Remember who you are and what you're capable of. Way to go, Cancer. The days where you stayed quiet just to make others happy are no longer.