And we could take our Devolving Hours — in the example am, am, am, pm, and pm — and dedicate them to matters of Devolution:. Now, think about those distinctions, the differences between the items in the first list and the items in the second list. Can you see an obvious distinction, or do they keep flipping back and forth? Duality is never more than an intellectual exercise.

The Inverse Pentacle has a reputation for Black Magic. You might uncover some parts of yourself that still believe in Original Sin rather than Original Blessing. You might realize that Morality is a Duality. It could be a very productive Hour.

When discomfort confronts you, call time out, look inside, and inquire from whence the discomfort springs. Many people are locking in to their Cultural Unconscious and the Planetary Unconscious instead of their Personal Unconscious. Take a step backwards. Bring your Attention back to YourSelf. You feel dedicated to the Archetype, it stands in for your Mission. If you want to improve the Planet you Live on, you need to embark on that Journey, because the Archetype is not going to Change.

Trying to Change the Culture from within the Archetype is not possible, because your Resistance to the Present Moment solidifies the Archetype furthur. The keyword here is selfish. Whenever your Attention turns to how dissatisfied you are with the state of the World, ask yourself what would please you right now? Whenever your Attention turns to how dissatisfied you are with the state of yourSelf, embrace yourself the way you are.

It means you need to sit with yourself long enough to be able to be completely Loving with yourself right where you are. The various line segments in a Five-Pointed Star are all related to one another by Phi, the Golden Angle of Sacred Geometry; each segment in turn is 1. Phi is a Fifth-Harmonic animal, defined as one divided by one half of the quantity [one plus the square root of five]. One half of the quantity [one plus the square root of five] is equal to approximately 1. One divided by that number is 0.

The difference between Trine, Sextile, and Quintile

It symbolizes Completion. After that, we set Seed. The Golden Angle is not arbitrary; it appears everywhere in biology. The Fifth Harmonic is about Learning and Teaching; the bottom line is that the ultimate relationship between Spirit and Matter is not something that can be understood through Duality — Learning this relationship is an infinite task. Oh no!

Another Learning Opportunity! A Grand Quintile is formed by five planets equally spaced around the Zodiac. So we need to be watchful for things that Hurt, especially Hurtful things that Other people say to us, and consider them carefully for any shred of validity. It also means that the Station, and the several days thereafter. So we will need to pass through some Ego Death to take advantage of this very promising Big Learning Opportunity.

While any embrace of those Feelings that we can muster will Change our Life profoundly, we can make it easier on ourselves by focusing on Expanding our Fantasy about how the Future could unfold. Using our Fantasies to bring our Unconscious Negative Beliefs into Consciousness is a powerful technique, but not what we recommend right now.

In this particular Mercury-Stationary Portal, Potential for the Unimagined is rich, so we will gain by stretching our Imagination, thinking Big, and thinking Optimistically. Heulandite heals hesitation to speak our Truth. Not surprising, Trickster and Magician that he is. Mercury symbolizes the First Harmonic, hence ruling Initiation. So we go nowhere without his approval.

The Quintile & Bi-Quintile

His return from his Retrograde journey is heralded by four parts of a Grand Quintile, forming a cauldron securely capped by a Septile Bridge! Five Quintile Yods create a Grand Quintile. When one point of the Grand Quintile is missing, three of the five Q-Yods are absent. Unconscious obsession with these Conflicts absorb our Attention and prevent Timely Action that would yield Miracles. This Configuration holds the promise of dissolving these Conflicts.

Instead, Cupid fell in love with Psyche, but through misdirected Curiosity, Psyche wounds Cupid and he flies away. Wandering in search of Cupid, Psyche falls under the Power — and wrath — of Venus. Persephone and Psyche have met before. Now the thick plottens. Psyche usurped the blessing, it backfired, and she had to be rescued by a now-healed Cupid.

Stationary Mercury Trines Stationary Neptune. We can summarize all these complex Shakespearean relationships simply with…. Our first Big Deal, the 2. He also talks a bit about how astrology and Human psychology interact to keep us out of the Present Moment and hence out of our Power. Astrological events usually rise to a peak and then fade quickly.

First, the event can take place very near the Initiation of an astrological Cycle, and hence color the entire Cycle. Initiations are normally Conjunctions, but there are more subtle Cycles begun at other points as well, particularly Oppositions like the Full Moon. That can blow up a lot of Projections and Introjections. This Full Moon is a Virgo-Pisces Opposition, where we get to differentiate between old memories that need to be Blessed and sent on their way, and old actions for which we need to make Amends.

So the impact of the two Big Deals may linger because they embrace this Full Moon. Second, we can make Decisions under the influence of the event, and those Decisions can change our life for a while, and quite possibly for a long while. Decisions like these will have serious impact on the rest of our lives. For instance, in the Diamond Star Portal 2. Vesta symbolizes What We Hold Sacred. So if we are in Despair that what we hold Sacred has been irretrievably despoiled, we might easily question whether there is anything left that is worth living for.

Grand Quintiles

The Square Challenges us to find New Eyes, but we may not, or we may not find them in time. If we make Decisions based on our Despair, then that Energy can linger until we unmake the Decisions, and that can be a looong time, sometimes many lifetimes. On the other hand, some Decisions are healthy, even Decisions based on Despair.

As Moments, it will be useful for us to maintain the position of the Observer. Oh My, look what She or He is experiencing!


Portal 2. Quintiles are about Learning and Teaching. We just need to know where to find our New Eyes. One of the best ways to do that is Surrender. This does not diminish the fact of their appearance. In my own research of this astronomical oddity which uses a more conventional allowable orb for the quintile series than does Jill's , I have found that the pattern, as it appears in the charts above, is exceedingly rare.

Rarer still is the appearance of a Total Lunar Eclipse on the same day as one of these configurations. A scan of the dates provided by Jill suggests that there might not be another like it in the 2, years that her research has thus far covered. Add to that the tidbit that there is a Partial Solar Eclipse the line of which crosses over North Korea, BTW on October 14th, the mid point date between the two GQs, and we have quite a spectacular set of astrological events in store for us this October. Indeed, in terms of actually "seeing" some form of physical manifestation during this 28 day span, it is quite possibly an even more potent time than was the Concordance.

The use of Chiron in the Concordance chart was one of the two major objections that I heard from some in the astrological community about it. Obviously, not every, perhaps not even most, astrologers use Chiron as a planet.