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You've been going through a tough time and, of course, all eyes have been on you, Leo.

Understanding the Blue Moon – Updated July 2015

Aren't they always? The pressure has gotten to be so much lately that you're frankly surprised there aren't people lined up around the block buying tickets to your magnificent nervous breakdown. But you know they're going to be so wrong it's enough to make you literally LOL. You're not crying, you're thriving, and you're only getting stronger. Now is the hour to open your heart and trust someone who has been in your life for quite some time already. With your faithful love by your side, you'll conquer it all! Whether or not you are particularly religious, this blue moon will find you contemplating the other side of life — not in the physical realm, but in the spiritual one.

This will be an important time for you, whether or not you reach any of the answers you think you're looking for. The key to growing your faith will be a connection you make with someone during this journey, so make sure to keep your heart open to romantic love as you search for love in the divine aspects of the universe. You might think of yourself as having a pretty decent relationship with most of your exes, and that's probably true, except We all have one, that person who gets under our skin and brings out the absolute worst in us, no matter how long we've been apart.

You're going to have an encounter with that ex of yours fairly soon thanks to this blue moon, and it's not likely to feel pleasant. Just remember that they're your ex for a reason and be the bigger person.

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Walk away from their nonsense once and for all! For a little while now you've been putting off making a serious decision about a romantic relationship in your life. Now is the time to trust your gut and get things over with. Calling it quits might end up being easier — or more dreadfully awful — than you ever imagined, but either way, it needs to happen. It will serve you to have more faith in your partner's ability to move on without you than you do right now.

Forever Conscious

Trust that no matter how it turns out, you will both be better because of the time you shared together. For you, Sagittarius, the blue moon means you have carte blanche to unleash your inner Spring Breaker. Embrace your youthful urge to go see something new, visit new places, learn new things about the world, and laugh with new and exciting people.

November 2019 Astrology and 11/11 Portal Energies ~ Podcast

There's plenty of time in life for you to cultivate your inner wifey. That doesn't need to happen right now, and in fact, the stars are saying you should totally wait. This blue moon is going to radically shake up everything you value and hold dear, and this won't apply only to your professional life or your family members although, don't rule 'em out! If you've been feeling settled and happy, prepare to do battle with a strange urge for freedom, and if being single is your religion, prepare to grapple with the odd sensation of suddenly wanting to be someone special — bad.

While the blue moon is busy causing dramatic upheaval in the lives of those folks closest to you, for you it brings a time of happiness and peace. That might be scary because it's new, but don't knock it! More importantly, prepare for it to stop feeling so scary, because it's absolutely the right choice for you. The blue moon might stir up chaos in the love lives of others, but with you, Pisces, it doesn't stand a chance.

Don't get it twisted. That isn't because your current relationship is perfect. On the contrary, it's either falling down around you or you aren't in one and haven't been for a long, long time. But it will only remain great if you stop allowing it to keep you from nurturing your romantic life, even or especially! Your sensitivity to aesthetics is heightened as well and anything ugly or impersonal will bother you more than usual.

This is a time to beautify, embellish, decorate, or bring flowers. You attract admiration as well! This is a period to observe, reflect, and consider the whole picture, or facets of things that you normally minimize or ignore. You may be getting messages from your intuition via dreams, feelings, or strange sensations that you would be wise to attend to.

You also want to mull over and digest the information that comes to you now and are thus disinclined to come up with a ready answer or quick repartee. Your silence or reticence could be misinterpreted, so make it clear that you are thinking things through. You may need extra downtime, or be a little fuzzy and diffused. This is a period of rest, and physical and emotional replenishment, not the best moment to press forward. All learning, teaching, or intellectual activities are favored. Your warrior energy is activated now and you pursue your aims with courage, decisiveness, and brio.

Now is the time to make your mark, to advance your professional goals, to take charge of your life. Keep your humor in the midst of the fray. You enjoy playing the role of hostess or host, displaying your good taste, affection, and appreciation for the finer things. Lightness, humor, and good times shared is the focus for you now. Go to the extra trouble to decorate, embellish, bring out your best china, and show people a good time. Opportunities to come together for a celebration, while not entirely trouble free, will be beneficial overall.

You initiate contact and take the lead in discussions, meetings, interviews, or classes. Openly sharing your ideas and information, or being a messenger for some kind of news, is featured.

Influence on zodiac signs

Your physical and mental energies are quickened now and you prefer to be mobile and making contact with the world rather than anchored to one location or task. Making presentations, negotiating and discussing options, and getting your point of view across in a clear, direct manner are emphasized. Active communication, making phone calls and connections, open discussions or forums, reading, thinking, and the power of expressive language is the theme for today. What you say now matters and makes an impact, so be certain you really mean it.

Writing, lecturing, or any activity that involves words and ideas is favored. The force is with you, go for your personal best! Father figures or those in a position to help you further your aims are encouraging and receptive to what you propose. Back up your words with action, follow through with a solid effort, and expect success.

Full Moon in 12222 : Lunar Calendar, Significance and Influence on Zodiac Signs

This is an ideal time to express what you really want, to show some style, and let the world know who you are. You appreciate fine things and are attracted to beautiful objects and artistry, as well as anything that enhances your pleasure, comfort, and enjoyment. Making purchases and investments in luxury items, beautiful property, or other things of lasting value and appeal is favored now.

However you are more inclined to let personal tastes and your love for something or someone dictate your choices rather than objective considerations, and thus you may pay more for these things than you might at other times.

Taurus Horoscope 12222: a year in review

You are not only interested in acquiring but also in sharing and sweetly giving. You value love and friendship a great deal now, and you want to show it. Your vital energy is flowing strongly and you feel pleasantly ambitious and effective. Physical, active work or play is favored. The power of a collective goal or ideal stirs you now, and you recognize that more can be accomplished by a group effort than by going solo. High-energy collaborative projects, team sports and so on, interest you now. Your personal power and charisma shine brightly today, making this an especially fortuitous day to go out and make an impact on others and the world around you.

You may well be the center of attention or attract a following. Making a public presentation, leading or directing people, or initiating a new venture is highly favored. This could be the birthday of one of your favorite people, too.

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