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Until March 18 you will be dealing more swiftly with daily situations, especially where personal and financial matters are concerned. It is important to handle any issue with tact. It is advisable to be extra cautious whilst travelling, ensuring the road rules are kept and the car is road worthy. Be wary on February , , March 1, 2.

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You are entering a vigorous five-week period that will see your earning capacity increased and your expenditures raised. Those expecting raises should receive them, whilst others seeking work can be expected to find it. Most expenses are probably due to a personal tendency to overspend. Highlights include February , March Children of Sagittarian parents will be particularly demanding of attention, so deal with issues as they arise if you wish to avoid problems, especially on February , , March 1, 2. Savour February , March Capricorn natives will find that there could be problems with family members, friends and property matters over the next seven weeks, requiring a great deal of tact and patience.

It is probably better that you do not initiate any new courses of action during this period, preferring to deal with problems as they arise. Your drive for success will become a more regular feature of your daily routines until March A lot of paperwork and smaller issues can be finalised during this period, although some delays are to be expected. Friends and associates will also play a larger role in your life as well.

Daily Horoscope: January 19th to January 20th

Expect action on February , , , March 1, 2, Your social standing will be enhanced by financial gains during January 26 and March Financial and business dealings are more likely to be prominent and successful during this period, especially on February , March Be wary of being over assertive in your quest for success, as you may alienate important persons.

With more than thirty years of experience in astrology, Alison is a published author, professional astrologer, freelance journalist, archaeologist, and archaeoastronomer. Years of experience and points of view are realigning, both within and without. Mercury connects with the Sun to add light to what you share.

The North Node of karma is in your solar twelfth house. Someone else is likely to be running the show.

Watch and appreciate. Changes, transitions, and healing are the order of the day. Work offers a neutral, humanitarian aspect. Dark Moon Lilith and Vesta stand by your side. You are flanked by the galactic goddesses for protection and care.

Yearly Horoscopes

Planets in your chart rise into your relationship sector. The lead planet is Uranus. You can handle the up-and-down, sudden twist nature of this celestial warrior. The planet that follows is Mars. Venus continues to gift your conversational connections. Reach out.

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There are endless benefits to this. You can feel something before it arrives. Your protective shield has a tendency to turn you in the right direction. And this week, what you say may have unintentional lasting power. You have gone through the secret dark of night. Those in charge are ready to hear you. While the Archer likes to send those arrows to the sky, right now you have down-to-earth duties.

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They may only be organizational, but worth every minute of your time. Once you see the space start to shape up in your schedule, you can fill it with your dreams.

Check out what the stars say your day will be like today.

It will bring you to the surface soon, closer to those who share your interests. Do you ever wish you could trade places with breezy air signs, or run with blazing fire? As an earth sign, you keep things real. However, investing in music and film is still a serious business. With Neptune and Chiron in your connections sector, you may win in the arts. Happy Birthday! You are one busy Aquarius. Not only is the Sun in your sign, but Mercury is, too.