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Those born under this sign are also patient, meaning that Chutney certainly didn't mind going through long legal procedures to falsely accuse Brooke of murder. They also hate massive changes and insecurity — Chutney hating Brooke wasn't a coincidence, guys. Tauruses love material wealth, but unlike Brooke, Chutney didn't seem to want to work hard to earn life's little treats on her terms. Elle is a perfect example of a hardcore Gemini. She strove to adapt as best as she could to new situations and loved to work in groups that were passionate about the same cause.

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Geminis are also social butterflies, and Elle clearly struggled when she was transitioning to Harvard life and felt a little lonely. She reached her prime when solving the Windham murder case, surrounded by caring friends, a career she loved, and the opportunity to discover her true worth. Geminis also flourish when they have a job that regularly challenges them, and while Elle loved pursuing fashion, it didn't help her grow in the same way that working in law did. If you want to take a page out of Elle's book, remind yourself that you don't have to pursue what everyone most associates you with to be happy and successful.

Cancers are sympathetic and intuitive, and if that doesn't fit Emmett to a T, I don't know what does.

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Cancers love their families and keep their loved ones close, and even before their relationship deepened, it was clear that Emmett had taken Elle in as someone he empathized toward. Cancers are also quick to help anyone, which explains why Emmett ended up as a lawyer. They're easy to please once everything has fallen into place in their lives, and by the end of the movie, all Emmett wanted was to propose to Elle.

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This astrology site even proves that the Gemini-Cancer relationship would work simply because of how differently they see things, so here's hoping that Emmett and Elle are still married in Film 3. Leos are natural leaders, and Professor Callahan had certainly reaped in the benefits of being a strong leader by the time Elle took his class at Harvard.

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Callahan was a true Leo man in that he was passionate about his work, but he didn't exactly embrace the Leo quality of generosity when it comes to sharing his knowledge of law. While he still gave Elle the chance of a lifetime through his internship program, his Leo qualities of stubbornness and arrogance were seen when he inappropriately made a pass at Elle. If you happen to be a Leo, emulate the Callahan that we see in the first half of the movie, not the second. OK, so it's a little easy to forget about David Kidney, but as a Virgo, he probably wouldn't mind if he slipped into the background in your mind.

A little socially awkward, David was also sensitive and quiet, and although Elle pretended to be his slighted date so a girl would pay attention to him, he often minded his own business. A Virgo is often studious and withdrawn, and he appreciates the presence of practicality in his life.

David was low-key a genius who probably deserves a spinoff movie or at least a fictional TED Talk, so there's no shame if you happen to relate to him the most. Libras are born politicians, naturally being diplomatic and peaceful. They might lack the organization or the drive to actually be good politicians or lawyers, but if they balance their responsibilities correctly, they can pull off a successful career.

Such wasn't the case for Warner, who graduated law school with no honors or girlfriend, but he probably needed that time alone to self-reflect. Libras hate being alone and finding a partner is important to them, but Warner clearly had to do some soul-searching before that happened for him.

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The marks of a Scorpio are resourcefulness and being a true friend, and while Margot had her ditzier moments, Serena was a grounded presence who really kicked Elle's admission campaign into gear. A Scorpio will keep your biggest secret and help you bury any bodies, and Serena would definitely break a nail for Elle or Margot's sake.

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Sagittariuses are praised for their sense of humor, and perhaps while Paulette wasn't trying to be funny in all of her circumstances, her inner Sagittarius couldn't help it. She needed a bit of a boost from Elle, but once her confidence soared, Paulette wasn't afraid to express her true feelings, a Sagittarius trait that alternatively plays for and against the person. Once a Sagittarius knows what she wants, there isn't much that will stop her from achieving it. Paulette got her dog back, didn't she? By Kristen Perrone. Who says there's a limit to how many influences one person can have?

You're the consummate collector of cool, endlessly curious and always aware of the latest and greatest offerings out there.

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  7. As an air sign, you tend to breeze between interests, chasing every flight of fancy that grabs your attention. This is where your "split personality" reputation originates: One minute, you're totally obsessed with 18th-century Russian poetry, the next, you're on to postmodern feminist literature. The Internet was tailor-made for your needs, giving you the ability to research a topic at lightning speed and chat with virtual strangers many of whom become your loyal companions and confidantes.

    While you hop around gathering data and friends alike, you must guard against your own tendency toward superficiality. Still yourself through fits of boredom, Gemini.

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    Your most electrifying growth will come as a result of your self-imposed ennui. Since your mind is quick and curious, you should always be enrolled in a workshop or short-term course of study, like an art or music class. Your sign rules the hands and arms, giving you above-par manual dexterity.

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    People are your number one fascination. You love to study them, pick apart their behavior patterns, write songs about them, and unfortunately gossip like Perez Hilton's evil twin.

    Find a healthy outlet for your social research, like filming a documentary about an immigrant population in your city or starting a memoir-writing club to develop your life story into an inspiring work of literary mastery. The right romantic partner is endlessly playful, exploratory, and consistent someone's got to hold down the fort. He must also have supreme listening skills, since you process everything through conversation. Ruler: clever, communicative, nomadic Mercury. Your gifts: quick-wittedness, dexterity, spontaneity, a rock star's edge.

    Your issues: rash impulsivity, verbal diarrhea, gossiping. Your saving grace: your ability to reinvent yourself at warp speed. Your path: to translate complex ideas into a popular-culture dialogue. Your fashion inspiration: Zac Posen , Dior.