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Spectral Theory of Automorphic Forms and Analytic Number Theory - Henryk Iwaniec

Malla Curricular Galleguillos, J. Recife: SBEM. Arrieta, J.

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Carrasco, E. Traub-type high order iterative procedures on Riemannian manifolds. SeMA J.

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Amat, S. Newton-type methods on Riemannian manifolds under Kantorovich-type conditions. Third-order methods on Riemannian manifolds under Kantorovich conditions. On a bilinear operator free third order method on Riemannian manifolds. Fierro, R. A noncompactness measure for tvs-metric cone spaces and some applications. Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Applications. Fixed Point Theory and Applications.

Functional limit theorems for the multivariate Hawkes Process with different exciting functions. Statistical inference on a stochastic epidemic model. Communications in Statistics-Simulation and Computation. The Hawkes process with different exciting functions and its asymptotic behavior. Journal of Applied Probability. Approximation of some discrete-time stochastic processes by differential equations.

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Questions about properties of positive integers, especially the way in which integers factor and the distribution of prime numbers, have fascinated people for thousands of years and have recently found applications in computer science, information security and sparse signal recovery. This proposal concerns several projects in the theory of numbers, emphasizing connections with other areas of mathematics such as Probability and Combinatorics as well as applications to other fields.

For example, the study of a certain iterated function on the integers leads into cutting edge research in probability theory, and the study of collections of disjoint arithmetic progressions leads to fundamental problems in combinatorics about intersecting families of sets.

Other projects concern the distribution of prime numbers in arithmetic progressions, special configurations of prime numbers, and the construction of matrices using number theory which are useful in compressed sensing.

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Heath-Brown, Sergei Konyagin. Number Th. Kevin Ford, Alexandru Zaharescu. Kevin Ford, Trevor D. Please report errors in award information by writing to: awardsearch nsf. Discrete Math. Konyagin, Y. Algebra Number Theory Appl. Cochrane, S. Khovanova, S. Rassias on the occasion of his th birthday, Springer Optim. Acquaah, S. Konyagin, F. Number Theory , 2 :4 , 3— Bochkarev, B.

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Golubov, A. Gonchar, M. D'yachenko, V. Malykhin, S. Nikol'skii, M. Potapov, V. Sadovnichii, S.

number theorist names:R

Surveys , 66 :4 , — Dilworth, K. Konyagin, D. Malykhin and V. Arestov, V. Berdyshev, N. Chernykh, T. Demina, N. Kholschevnikova, S. Subbotin, S. Telyakovskii, I.

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Tsar'kov, V. Andreev, S. Sergeev, Yu. Telyakovskii, N. Kholshchevnikova, I.